Unknown Time Birth Chart

For those whose time of birth was not recorded or is lost in time, I am happy to offer this birth chart option! The astrological birth chart is a map of the planets at the specific time, date and place of birth. In this instance, Meredith works with the range of possible positions of the planets to illustrate what IS knowable about their placement. Houses are left out entirely, as this is one area that varies enormously depending on time of birth. Estimated aspects are drawn in based upon a noon positioning, and planets are labelled for added interest. There is plenty to garner from this type of chart, and as with every other chart Meredith draws, the intention is for the individual to be reminded of and aligned with their core essence.


These charts are hand drawn using your unique birth data. Please allow up to four weeks for shipment.


9"x12", archival ink on acid free, heavy weight fine art paper.


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*Purchase of a chart does not include interpretation--please note that astrological chart interpretation is an entire field unto itself!*


**One tree will be planted for each chart ordered, with gratitude**

Unknown Time Birth Chart

  • Due to these charts being made for an individual I cannot accept returns, however if there is damage in shipment please send a photo and I will gladly make you a new one free of charge. 

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